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4 Steps To Stop Illegal Dumping
  1. Call the Bernalillo County Planning & Development Services Department, 505-314-0350, City of Albuquerque at 311, or State of New Mexico at 866-428-6535.

  2. Have information available regarding the address where the trash is or dumping is occurring.

  3. Be able to assess what type of trash or substance is on the property.

  4. Be prepared to give your name and phone number in case property cannot be located.

The Process
  • An Inspector will go out to confirm exact location of the property and assess what is there.

  • The property owner will be notified and held accountable for the clean-up.

  • Property owner will be given a 30-day notice to clean up or a criminal complaint will be filed.

Zero Tolerance Policy/ Illegal Dumping Conviction

Anyone caught illegally dumping material faces citation and arrest.

Fines range from $100 to $1,000 (BCC SEC. 70-42)



Solid Waste Convenience Centers

City of Albuquerque - South Side (Montessa Park)

512 Los Picaros Rd NW 


City of Albuquerque - West Side (Don Reservoir)

117 114th Street SW


City of Albuquerque - North Side (Eagle Rock)

6301 Eagle Rock Rd NE


Bernalillo County - East Side (East Mountain Transfer Station)

711 Highway 333 (old Route 66)



Large item

Free to county residents: 

Call one week before your scheduled pick up day - appliances, furniture, etc.

(505) 892-1200


City of Albuquerque 

Call 311 or go to Make your request Monday through Saturday, 24 hours before your regular trash collection day.

Household hazardous waste


Paint, pesticides, cleaning solvents, batteries, etc.

Advanced Chemical Transport (ACT) 

6137 Edith Blvd. NE

(505) 349-5220

Yard waste


Curbside pick-up twice a year, once in spring and once in fall.  Look for dates of collection in your spring and fall billing.

Styrofoam, egg cartons, packing materials, etc.

Visit or call RASTRA 

4485 Irving Blvd NW

(505) 792-5554


Solid Waste Convenience Centers - up to 5 tires at a time.


Any Lowe’s Home Improvement Location 

(Cordless phone batteries, 12 & 14 volt rechargeable batteries, no car batteries)

ACT (Advanced Chemical Transport)
6137 Edith NE
MWF: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm and

Saturday 8 am - 3 pm

Dead Animals

Dead Animals

ABQ: 311 

City Animal Control: (505) 768-1975

County Animal Care: (505) 314-0280

For dead livestock:

NM Services

(505) 877-6789 

(cattle & horses only, must call within 24 hours)

Abandoned cars

City Code Enforcement: (505) 924-3850


 County Zoning:

(505) 314-0350


New Mexico Air Quality Bureau

(505) 476-4300

Irrigation ditches

If you see trash in irrigation ditches call:

Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District 

(505) 247-0234

Junk Mobile Homes

County Planning & Development Services

 (505) 314-0350

Illegal Dumping

If you see illegal dumping:

In Albuquerque city limits:

City Code Enforcement

 (505) 924-3850

In Bernalillo County:

(505) 314-0310



For information on recycling drop-off sites and to view a list of acceptable materials click the button below.

For information on curbside recycling service and acceptable materials, click one of the buttons below.


City of Albuquerque Convenience Center 

 Eagle Rock 

6301 Eagle Rock Road NE

Bernalillo County  

East Mountain Transfer Station 

711 Old HWY 66

(505) 281-9110


Five gallon per day in any container

Auto Zone 

2627 Isleta Blvd SW

(505) 873-9099 


East Mountain Transfer Station 

711 Old Hwy 66

(505) 281-9110

Click below for a full City of Albuquerque listing.


El Toro Metal 

3000 Isleta Blvd SW 


ACE Metals 

PO Box 3903 NE

(505) 877-1092

Paper and cardboard

McKinley Paper 

4600 Williams St SE 

(505) 873-0440


4600 Williams St SE (505) 873-0440

Friedman Recyling

5049 Edith NE

(602) 269-9324

Master fibers 

5109-B Edith NE

(505) 345-6423

Computers and electronics

New Mexico Computer Recyclers 

5445 Edith NW

(505) 401-6911

Albuquerque Computer & Electronics Recycling Co.

3726 Hawkins St. NE

(505) 216-6000 

To recycle an old working fridge or freezer and get $50, contact PNM at




Fridge or freezer

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